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Unique Ways to Customize Your Pastor Stoles

As a pastor, your stoles are part of the garments you wear to show your dedication not only to God but also to your congregation. In recent years, pastors have begun to customize their stoles. This is a nice gesture, as it helps illustrate that although you are God's servant, you are also unique in the way He made you. But how should you customize your stoles? Where do you start? Here are a few ideas.

1. Have your initials embroidered into the stole.

Many places that sell stoles give you the option to have them embroidered. Having your name embroidered into the stole may be a little too personal, but what about your initials? That's a nice way to make the stole feel like your own without getting too self-absorbed. You could have your initials embroidered in small text on one end of the stole or along the part that would tuck behind your collar.

2. Have your favorite color added to each stole.

Typically, you would order at least a couple of stoles — one for each season or period of the church year. You could customize, and yet also unify, the whole set by having a stripe of your favorite color added to the edge of each one. This will allow you to easily tell your stoles apart from the stoles of others. It will also help remind your congregates of your individuality and love for that one color. Don't be surprised if you start getting a lot of gifts in that same color once everyone realizes why your stoles have that colored accent.)

3. Have the stoles embroidered with meaningful symbols.

What religious symbols have had the most meaning to you, personally? Maybe you've always found the cross the most meaningful, or perhaps you have always loved the crown of thorns and what it stands for. You could have these personally meaningful symbols embroidered onto your stoles. The embroidery does not have to be big; you can just add a small crown or cross near the collar of the stole, for example. The presence of the symbol may prompt people to ask you about it, and then you'll have a chance to tell your unique story of faith.

Customize your pastor stoles with one or more of the ideas above. You may be God's servant, but you are also you — and that deserves a little honor.